Chadicat is the prettiest cat in the world

Chadicat is the purretiest cat in the world.

Look at her face. Now look at your cat’s.

It’s pathetic.

Chadicat’s face can launch a thousand ships. Your cat can’t even launch your lazy ass off its seat.

Chadicat is the law.

When she smothers your face with her butt, you have no choice but to accept it wholeheartedly.

When she wakes up and yawns at your face, you inhale her putrid breath with glee.

When she poops just right outside her litterbox, you clean that shit up with a smile on your face.

Chadicat stares into your soul.
Chadicat is thinking “wtf is this bitch doing?”
Chadicat does not like to be disturbed.

I’m not saying that Chadicat can end world hunger or create lasting peace, but if one day she wakes up and decides to just fucking do it, she just might.

But for now, let’s be content with the absolute fact that Chadicat is the prettiest cat in the world.

Chadicat thinks of grand plans we’ll never understand.
Chadicat yawns, while occupying a seat.